Criteria for choosing a Web hosting provider

Don’t be too caught up with the free packages that any hosting provider has to offer.

Ensure you do your research about the hosting service provider before picking up a package.

When you get into the process of choosing a web hosting service a lot of questions would haunt your mind.

These questions include:
how to I access my cpanel?
at what size will my website be hosted?
Will my website load fast?
And so on. Well,

This article shall identify the criteria in choosing a web hosting service provider

The criteria below shall in doubt clear your mind as to what to look for in a web hosting service provider.

With the daily increased number of social media users.
It is common place to run social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to drive traffick to your website.

The volume of traffic to a website is measured in bandwidth. This makes an essential criteria for choosing a web hosting service provider. Aterall you hosted a website for users to visit, buy something or make donation for a good cause.

If you expect a high volume of traffic and you have a large number of web pages that use excessive graphics, you will need substantial bandwidth allocation for your website.

When a low bandwidth is exceeded, a server error called Error 509 is displayed.

Hence you need to ensure the hosting service provider are open with their bandwidth allotment.

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Although some hosting service provider have premium packages that alots unlimited bandwidth.

Speed and load time

This criteria is equally essential to you and your prospects or online users ( also called visitors)

The speed at which a website downloads is very important.

When potential customers have to wait for content and images to download, it irritates them and they tend to move away, in SEO this situation is called bounce rates.

Also, your search engine rank is negatively affected as search engines penalize websites that are slow to download.

First you should design your web pages to be efficient and light in size so that they can download faster even over a slow internet connection.

If you are using content management system such as WordPress for building your website. There are tons of plugins like Jetpack to download to increase website load times.

Once the web pages are optimize for faster loading. Now, you can research for web hosting provider who can provide you space on a server that is not heavily loaded and is connected to the internet through Giga bit lines.

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No matter how many traffic your website generate or how fast it loads without a secured website all data will be lost to the hands of hackers, spammers, and fraudsters.

Hosting your website on a secure server is very important.

Reearch on the security systems and anti-virus software are installed by the web hosting provider.

Web servers are frequently subjected to attack by hackers. Good web hosts implement policies and closely monitor their servers to prevent such attacks.

Support and Ticketing System

Life happens, you deleted a server file mistakenly, you need to ask for help and quick response.

Good and quick technical support is very important to keep your website up and running with minimal issues.

Check that the web host provider that you choose are technically sound and respond to emails quickly.

Also research on the web hosting company based on reviews websites, online forums and information polls.

Also, check that they provide 24×7 support. Watch out for various ways of contacting them such as email, phone no. and live chat.

Backup Policy and Reliability

This is a criteria not many consider and seems to look away at first when choosing a Web hosting provider until the unthinkable happens like
Servers go down and websites crash.

Your web site hosting service has to provide some guarantee of reliability. If you lose all your files and customer data, your business will suffer.

Selecting a hosting service that has a weekly backup policy and provides backup restoration service would be advisable. Ensure the hosting service providers have such feature.

Web hosts also provide facility in their control panel to enable you to carry out backups yourself as well. It is wise to take periodic backups in your own computer as well.

Price and Reputation

When you have confirmed the bandwidth, load time, security, support team, and back up policy of a web hosting provider.

It is common sense that you get what you pay for. If you are paying too less, do not expect a good service.

Stay away from free hosting services. While there are several free hosting providers on the internet, a free service is not indeed free due to various reasons:

You have little control over your hosting space.
There is no assurance of quality and reliability.

Free hosts may often crash and create error situations and you may not get quick response to support issues.

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Other criteria to consider is to check if the web hosting provider can provide all of the system software and services you’ll need to run and manage your website.

System such as Content Managemnt System, operating system, database, web server, programing languages, and so on.

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