What does it mean to optimize a website?

Website optimization is the process of using tools, practical strategies, and experiments to improve the overall performance of your website.

These improvement on the website would be to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

One of the most critical aspects of website optimization is search engine optimization (SEO for short).

This article portrays what optimizing a website mean.

Website optimization is sometimes associated with Search Engine optimization.

However, optimization encompasses much more than websites being discovered on search engines.

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While Search Engine describe the practice of improving the discoverability of a website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc

To improve a website discoverability on the web, you will need to use key search terms that promote the search result ranking of the website.

Website Optimization on the other hand, deals greatly on the process of using controlled experimentation to improve a website’s ability to drive business goals.

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So search engines optimization is only but a scrap of website optimization.

Search Engine optimization is also essential because the first thing in mind when publishing a website is to be discovered globally as a brand or as service provider.

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Most website optimization is worked around the business objectives.

These business objectives vary with the type of websites.

For instance, an E-commerce website is created for the purpose to sell and make profit online.

The optimization of an E-commerce websites would be to measure:

  • how many online users (or visitors) enters the website?
  • which devices did the online users viewed the website?
  • how long did it take for the website to load?
  • what item did they click and
  • whether they were able to make a purchase and if not why didn’t they make the purchase?

Website optimization would utilize tools for measuring the analytics of the website, monitor the behaviour of the online users (or visitors) on the website, evaluate what hyperlink (links for short) and from which website online users were able to enter your website and many more.

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