Website design trend for 2021

As the year 2020 draws to a close. The year has shown us how vulnerable we are as humans.

Even with the novel pandemic Coronavirus that has crippled most of the economy of the world.

Some industry and sector of the economy is badly hit by the Corona virus pandemic. Industry like hospitality, entertainment, recreation centres and so on.

However, the Technology sector have ever since been levitated and leverage on the new normal.

With the second lock down in some parts of Europe to contained the pandemic Coronavirus.

Many people now shop online, schedule virtual meetings, order for a movie online to binge on and so on.

This article will indicate the type of website on high demands in 2020:

As website designer, developer or administrator, it is vital to keep with the trend and embrace the new normal.

You must also monitor outgoing trends so that the website developed does not appear old.

Build on the aesthetic for the purpose of user interface and don’t go overboard.

Also saturating the website  with many contents should be avoided because too many contents makes a website lag that is loading much longer than normal, especially on mobile devices.

For search engines, content is king but don’t exaggerate your content. Your website may be flagged as spam rather than a good read.

Database driven website is one to watch out for as many online visitors sign up for online courses, create wish lists, play games, connect with friends etc

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Cloud computing is one to also take serious consideration as a web designer.
Amazon, Microsoft and Google are innovating the way we work remotely and keeping safe.

Image Gallery also has taken a whole new look.

Apparently, we’ve been seeing in 2020 a move away from small thumbnail images towards large and detailed pictures of products on websites. Many also let you view in 3D, and rotate them through 360 degrees.

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Also with everyone struggling to get their head around how Covid-19 functions, and the myriad effects it’s having on society, 2020 has been crying out for clear and easy-to-follow infographics.

Info graphics with real time update on the number of new cases on corona virus.

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videoconferencing websites and apps are on highly visited.

Thankfully, most of us stuck at home during the pandemic have been able to keep up with colleagues and friends in this way.

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