Website design tips for 2021

The increased number of visitors (online users) visiting the web is astronomical.

This sudden rise is owing largely to the pandemic Corona Virus. The pandemic has produce a variant causing a second wave forcing nations to return to lockdown.

These national lockdown have made people see the need to work virtually, gather research data from the web, get updated on the release of Covid-19 vaccines, online tutorial, binging, gaming and alot more.

As more people surf the web there is more demand for more website to meet their need.

This article offers website design tips for 2021.

As the world adapt to the new normal, the web and how users surf the internet has changed drastically as well.

So below are some website design tips for 2021:

Check the website speed.

The major reason why most visitors bounce out from some website is because of the slow loading of the website. Ensure you avoid this at all cost.

You can check your website speed using tool like Google PageSpeed Insights.

Increased website speed would give rise to meaningful conversion and profitable ROI (Return on Investment).

Incorporate Abstract art

To make your website visually appealing you would want to incorporate abstract art.

Abstract shapes such as squares and circles, can come across as simple, minimalist and restrictive.

However, these arts and geometry convey a sense of uniformity and direction not only on the website but I the online users.

Create Color Schemes

As you include some geometry on some areas on your website. Also create a Color scheme that balance the website tempo.

Color schemes in web design have been trending towards gradients for a while now, casting a drop shadow and 3D effect to mention a few.

However, don’t go overboard with all things color.

Dark mode feature for your website is vital to promote user experience.

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Leave a lead magnet

Ensure you leave some engaging content that you already have that could be a lead generation. This content could be:

  • A free video tutorial
  • An audio recording
  • An ebook
  • A podcast episode and so on.

These type of leads keeps your visitors coming to your website.

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Work on your CTA (calls to action)

Every standard and functional website must have CTA.  The call to action is where you need your online visitors  (users) to take action.

Integrate analytics to these CTAs to monitor online user’s behaviour on your website and which CTAs was clicked and why. Also ensure if there were no broken hyperlinks  (links for short) in any of the call to action buttons.

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Keep Content fresh at all times.

The contents of a website should regularly be updated with new information for your audience.

Google craves fresh content, and so do your audience.

So keep the website updated for increased visibility on search engines optimization.

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