Web programming Career on focus for 2021

As we abide with the new normal, our lives undoubtedly has changed.

The global coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the way of life, not only that it has changed our perception about technology, the trend and how we connect with each other around the world.

As this trend is developing and impacting our lives. In a world where contact between humans is, for now, more limited, contact between devices, tools, and gadgets can help us to remain connected.

This article protrays Web programming Career on focus for 2021

One major breaking technology in web programming is the Artificial Intelligence  (AI for short).

This technology is still new and promises to be the game changer for 2021 for web programming.

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Another key area for web programming is that Personal responsive design will become data & device driven.

As the numbers of smartphones users are increased on the web so also the demand for responsive web design has risen.

Responsive design has to do with the design process whereby your web page adapts to the size of your mobie device.

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Another essential skill for web programming is Data Science.

The pandemic Corona Virus has changed our way of life drastically. Reports are read on the news, analysed and reviewed.
Technologies from Data Science will help with data from real time constant tracing and analysis.

The future of design and strategy will more and more rely on new devices.

For instance the introduction of 5GB
Network which enhances faster access and surfing of the web.

At the time of writing this article,  iPhone 12 became the first smart phone to use the 5GB network.

Web programmers may think out of the box with developing websites and web application that should run seamlessly with the 5GB without crashing on load time.

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There are so many technologies to be in the look out for as web programmers. The web is constantly changing, and our learning process must too.

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