Types of websites on demand now

Whether you are a web developer or administrator, the knowledge of the website types is crucial.

This knowledge will position you to channel your efforts rightly in developing websites that are highly needed.

This article will indicate the types of website on high demands in 2020:

Portfolio websites

Below are some of the website that are in high demands:

A portfolio website allows creative professionals a place for showcasing their best work.

This such of website is perfect for artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, furniture builders—you name it.


It is now common place to segment websites design into corporate and e-commerce websites. This is due to the influx of demand to own an eCommerce website (also popularly called an online store)

An e-commerce website is an online shopping destination where users can purchase products or services from your company, trade or business.

A robust e-commerce web page makes it easy to browse products, filter by categories, highlight special sales and make purchases.

Gone are those days when developing an eCommerce website requires heavy duty coding for both backend and front-end.

Thankfully new technologies and framework are now made available for web developers to set up ecommerce website for clients with few clicks. They include Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce and so on.


Personal and professional blogs has gain popularity in recent times.

A blog is web log or articles that are dated.

A blog features regularly update articles, photos and videos.

Blogs started with more casual, relaxed, and personal content compared to online magazines.

It is extremely common for major brands and businesses to have their own blog.

Adding expert content also improves the overall credibility of a company or an individual.

Blogs also provide material for social media posts and email campaigns.

Know the HTML basics for bloggers here

Landing pages

A landing page is a specific web page type created for a marketing campaign that drives visitors to take a specific action.

The content on a landing page should be limited and point toward the call-to-action (CTA) you’d like the online visitors  to take.

When designing a landing page allow plenty of white space around your CTA and avoid elements not related to the purpose of that campaign for other web pages.

As long as businesses and individual runs ads campaign they definitely will demand for landing page be designed for them.

Learn the free tips how to create a successful landing page here

Magazine websites

A magazine website would normally  features articles, photos and videos that are informational and educational.

Magazine website also update content weekly, biweekly or monthly similar to traditional magazine.

The magazine website type works well for informational websites, particularly publications from universities and organizations.

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