The Criteria for E-commerce websites

As a business owner who wants to establish an online presence for your brand, you need to develop a website properly.

Only then can you beat out your millions of competitors who are already online.

The novel pandemic, Coronavirus has clamped down some major sectors of the economy around the globe.

For the protection of lives and safety of the citizenry, Government all over Europe and some parts of the world have taken strict measures in their way to prevent the virus from spreading and killing more victims.

Measures such as lockdown, curfew, wearing of facemask just to mention a few.

This new normal has opened the door of opportunity for the online community.

These lockdown has made many people to binge on movies, buy things online from Amazon, read books and so on.

The e-commerce top the list of the most beneficiaries in the online sector that is making profits admist the pandemic.

This article shall point out the criteria for E-commerce websites

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With this pandemic Corona virus, many people have been advised by the government to stay at home, work from home and stay safe among other strict measures.

Countries in Europe are now in the second wave of the pandemic and at the time of writing this article the United Kingdom is on a nation wide lockdown the second time.

With this new changes, the new normal as it is called has triggered a new habit of working remotely, binging on movies on demand from Netflix, buying things from books to drones online from Amazon and so on.

Especially in the e-commerce sectors, there have been increased numbers of sales goods online like never before.

For this reason, competition levels are high for online stores. It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete as an online business.

Below are following criteria to develop an e-commerce website:

Register a short but memorable domain name:

A major criteria for developing an e-commerce website is a domain name.

A domain name is a textual representation of an IP address.

You must be careful when choosing a domain name. As IP addresses are unique so is a domain name.

Typically, business owners choose to use their business names for domain names. However, sometimes, the names are already taken. Other times, the names are too long for a website name.

A good rule of thumb is that you pick a name that is short and memorable.

Web Hosting

Another critical step to take to develop an e-commerce website is to get quality web hosting plan.

Nowaday, a website’s web hosting provider can offer both domain registration and hosting price for the price of one.

Picking an web hosting provider may directly impacts its success.

Bearing this in mind, you need to ensure that the service you choose supplies you with a handful of essentials.

These essentials should include good uptime, fast speeds, quality customer support and scalability.

Carry out thorough research on web hosting providers before picking up a hosting plan.

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Relevant Theme or design layout

Now you ready to get to work with a domain name and hosting plan that plays host to your website.

Moreover, you need to choose a relevant theme during the web development process. Without a theme that correlates with your industry, consumers will get turned off by your website.

Ensure that your website meets industry standards by visiting your competitors’ websites.

Coding a web layout for e-commerce may be frustrating and time consuming, especially if you are not a web developer.

Thankfully, there are lots of theme builders and frameworks out there specific to E-commerce, they include Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shopify and so on.

These theme-builders and frameworks can speed up the development of the Ecommerce website even without having any knowledge about coding.

Functional Shopping Cart

Every e-commerce website needs a functional shopping cart, which is why it is yet another criteria for e-commerce development.

You need to design a secure shopping cart so that your customers can purchase your products safely.

Consider using an advanced shopping cart design. Upgraded carts include cross-selling at checkout.

A secured and functional gateway integration is essential too.

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Responsive Design

Now the Ecommerce website is up with a functional shopping cart. It is time to think mobile, that is what responsive design is all about.

This is included as the last criteria for develop an e-commerce website.

you need a responsive design because majority of the online users (or visitors) that will surf your website would normally use a Smart phone, tablets, PDA etc.

There is increased conversion when websites can be accessible on all screens.

Customers can make purchases while taking a bus, a walk or at the restaurant.

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