Overcoming the Fear to Upskill?

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  • Overview of Upskilling
  • Upskilling meaning
  • Why Employees want to upskill
  • Benefits of Automation by Employees
  • Overcome the fear to upskill


Had it ever crossed your mind that you need to upgrade your skill?

If yes, have you upskill? If you haven’t, it may be the fear to upskill. You are not alone.

The fear to upskill ranges from one industry to another. For the technology industry, the fear to upskill encompasses renewed dedication and open mindedness to new inventions.

The pandemic Corona virus has changed the way workers handle deliverables.

During the global lock down, most workers were asked to work from home and keep safe.

Remote Working and Freelancing services were highly sorted after and utilized.

With the lockdown lifted in some nations. Work has resumed in a whole new dynamic approach.

Now, workers want more digital skills, more inclusivity, and more flexibility.

Employers want to scale down labor force and adopt automation.

Whichever side you take requires the need to upskill.

This article will help you overcome the fear to upskill

Upskill meaning

To upskill means to teach an employee additional skills.

Upskill also mean for an employee to learn additional skills to enhance their productivity.

However, adding another skill for most employee appears to be dreadful a process they don’t want to attempt.

The reasons could be:

  • Lacking the knowledge to upskill
  • Poor use of Time Management
  • Misinformation
  • Procrastination
  • Discrimination etc.

Why Employees want to upskill

People are concerned about job security. A large majority of people want a job with a sense of purpose.

This is not just about attracting younger talent; it matters up and down the age scale. But economic realities, of course, have an impact too, so it is important to think about how purpose and economic success work together.

The increasing demand of automation by companies is largely another reason many employee wants to upskill. These employee are worried many jobs will be at risk in the future, hence upskill.

Benefits of Automation by Employees

The pandemic has already disrupted whole industries, contributing to people’s anxiety about the future.

As companies accelerate their automation plans and many jobs continue to be remote, employees across every sector will need to acquire new skills that enable them to think and work in different ways.

The future isn’t a fixed destination. We need to plan for dynamic rather than static tomorrows.

Workers reported feeling excited or confident about the future.

Most said they believe they can meet the challenges of automation — and they proved it during the pandemic: by learning new digital skills and by quickly adapting to remote work.

Yet many people think their job is at risk, and half of all respondents feel they’ve missed out on career opportunities or training due to discrimination.

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Overcome the fear to upskill

Whether you are in the technology industry or not: these tips would help you overcome the fear to upskill:

  • Stop procrastinating:

Avoid procrastinating that you will learn a new skill and start leaning new skills.

Procrastination kills and will prevent you from upskilling.

  • Be open minded:

Keep an open mind to learn something new especially skills relating to your industry.

  • Have a will:

Are you familiar with the popular saying: “When there is a will there is a way.”

Be willing to learn and you are half way there to upskill and be a productive employee.

  • Join an online Commuinity:

As web developers, we keep up with the latest web technologies and tips on online Commuinity such as stackoverflow, Dev and so on.

On the forum, you can ask questions and connect with professionals with shared interests.

Join the online community that shares matters relating to your industry.

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  • Pick a Learning Platform:

Depending on the skill you want to learn. Research if you could learn it physically or online.

Since the global lock down caused by the pandemic Covid-19, almost anything can be taught and learnt online.

However, it is essential you research the platform.

For technology industry, learning platforms such as Coursera, Pluralsight, Udemy to mention a few.

These learning platforms offer free and paid courses. There is also issuance of certificate upon completion of course.

Discover which platform to learn the new skill and get started.an

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Upskilling should never be a corporate work culture, but a personal responsibility.

For technology industry, automation appears to have reduced the over-dependence physical man power on certain deliverables.

Working smartly is the new normal.
This makes the need for you to upskill now.

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