Importance of CSS to web programming

Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, is an integral part of the modern web development process.

CSS is considered to be very effective when coded with HTML tool, providing easy control over layout and presentation of web pages. This control is achieved by separating content from design.

Web programming is the conscious practice of writing the actual source code to create a website.

This article indicates the importance of CSS in Web programming

CSS is essential for web programming for the following reasons:

🚩 CSS enhances Website Presentation

One obvious reason CSS is needed for web programming is that it improves the the overall presentation of any website.

CSS separate structure from actual presentation. The structure here is the HTML codes.

🚩 Ease of coding

CSS in Web programming is that unlike many web languages, CSS is quite is easy to code.

The current release of CSS has comprehensive documentation that allows for flexibility with coding CSS.

Although web browsers treat CSS differently yet this doesn’t change the ease of coding in CSS.

🚩 Easy integration

CSS is mostly favored by web programmers because it can be easily be integrated with other web technologies. This ease of integration improves  the functionality on websites.

You can integrate CSS to other backend programming language like PHP; CSS can carry out animation and display beautiful and responsive slides on website.

🚩 CSS Makes Updates Easier and Smoother

CSS works by creating rules. These rules simply means styles. These styles are simultaneously applied to multiple elements within web pages that make up the website.

CSS links these web pages to a single or few documents that controls the layout of the website thereby eliminating the repetitive coding style of HTML.

This global changes done using CSS makes development work faster and less monotonous.

🚩 Helps Web Pages Load Faster

CSS improves website loading is yet another important benefit of CSS in Web programming.

This fast page load is achieved when Web browsers download the CSS rules once and cache them for loading all the webpages of a website.

A cache is a special storage space created for temporary files that makes a device, browser, or app run faster and more efficiently. 

Most web browsers have cache features which work with CSS files. Using CSS enhances users overall experience with surfing on the internet more faster.

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