How to get started with GraphQL

GraphQL is a new cream in the crop of Data query language.

Query language (QL) refers to any computer programming language that requests and retrieves data from database and information systems by sending queries.

It works on user entered structured and formal programming command based queries to find and extract data from host databases.

Query is another word for question or request for a specific information.

In computing, queries are used to retrieve information which upon request by users are supplied back to them by a server.

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

GraphQL was developed internally by Facebook in 2012 before being publicly released in 2015.

This article is written to get you started with GraphQL in developing server based websites.

GraphQL is an open source data query language designed to help developer code data based driven and complex application interface (API for short).

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GraphQL api is used by most prominent organisation, social media networks, e-learning, e-commerce among others.

GraphQL was first initiated by Facebook and still in used by the social media giant, other notable social networks include GitHub, Pinterest, etc also make use of GraphQL in their development.

It should interest you to know that E-commerce platform such as Shopify uses GraphQL.

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GraphQL offers both client-side and server-side web development. This makes it the most widely used query language for developing api.

There are tools and libraries that must be installed to get started with GraphQL. One of those tools is the GraphCMS

GraphCMS is an API-centric Content Management System (CMS) tool that must be installed to use GraphQL. 

The GraphCMS when installed helps you to manage content structures that require programmatically sharing data.

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In the GraphQL world, you describe your APIs using GraphQL schemas, and for these, the specification defines its own language called The GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL).

SDL is very simple and intuitive to use while simultaneously being extremely powerful and expressive.

There exist two ways to create GraphQL schemas: the code-first approach and the schema-first approach.

In the code-first approach, you describe your GraphQL schemas as JavaScript objects based on the GraphQL-js library, and the SDL is auto-generated from source code.

In the schema-first approach, you describe your GraphQL schemas in SDL and hook up your business logic using Apollo GraphQL-tools library.

GraphQL is managed by Linux and other organizations such as Prisma and Apollo.

These organizations have developed the GraphQL and provide open source for web developer to build back-end web applications.

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