How does internet works

The internet is simply a network of networks connected around the globe.

The internet is so sophisticated that it turns the entire world into a small global village.

From any part of the world with the presence of internet, you can connect to the globe.

This is so because the internet simply moves data from one place to another, so that we can chat, browse and share to connect with one another.

Have you ever asked yourself how does the internet works?

Well, this article shall enlighten you on how the internet works.

The internet is like any other computer network.

However, the internet network is a worldwide computer network transmiting a variety of data and media across interconnected devices.

A network is a group of connected computers that are able to send data to each other.

It is noteworthy to know that the internet as a worldwide network shares data from among devices through a process called packet switching, and by relying on standardized networking protocols that all computers can interpret.

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This simply means that data moves over the Internet in a manner called “packet switching.”

Packet switching send your data (photos, chat thread, videos etc) in separate pieces – each tagged with your intended destination.

This is how the process works: when data gets sent over the Internet, it is first broken up into smaller packets (disassembled data that contains information), which are then translated into bits.

The packets get routed to their destination by various networking devices such as routers and switches.

When the packets arrive at their destination, the receiving device reassembles the packets in order and can then use or display the data.

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This process could take milliseconds without you noticing.

Packet switching is essential for internet to work.

Without the use of packet switching there will be many networking cables running haphazardly to connect with your computer to another computer.

Not only that the internet will only take at most two persons to make connections and exchange data with each other, which indeed is unrealistic.

Thankfully, packet switching makes it possible to connect and share information with as many people around the globe through the internet.

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