Free Tips on How to create a successful Landing Page.

A landing page in digital marketing is a standalone web page, created specifically and intentionally for a marketing or advertising campaign.

Landing Pages are important to delivering unique digital experiences and content to your online audience. 

Unlike most regular web pages, which typically have many purpose or goals and other functionalities which promote rich user interface and experience, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA).

This article will show tips how to create a successful landing page.

While your specific landing page layout will vary among industry, below are a few recommendations to improve the impact of your landing page.

🎯 Make Landing page clear, not complicated —

Most landing page cram so many details on this first two paragraph of their content writing.

This practice makes a complicated landing page, and poor lead generation.

Good use of white space makes landing page readable and beautiful for online audience.

The good rule of thumb to follow isbthat your unique selling position (USP) and call-to-action (CTA) should be front-and-center. Don’t go into depth or detail: Make it clear, crisp and concise what you’re offering and what visitors need to provide in return. Don’t come at them verbosely like spam ads.

🎯 Choose simple Layout —

It is best recommended to use a one page layout website. Since, the intention of a landing page is to market which eventually lead online user to take action.

Hence, you would need a web layout that is mobile responsive, easy navigation, which must be accompanied by a functional call to action button.

Your landing page should also include a support live chat; just in case an online user needs help with understanding your product offer or service.

Also avoid crowded menus on the landing page.

🎯 Use Emotional images —

Pictures speak louder than words.

In sales advertising, customer will buy a person behind the brand or brand ambassador who represent a product or service before actually paying for the product and service.

The product photos alone won’t sell, add excitement, sometimes frustrated human emotional images to create the picture in the mind of the online audience.

Ensure you use emotional images that paints the message you trying to pass across.

🎯 Make Landing Page clean, concise and not cluttered —

Good use of white space makes your landing page readable and beautiful.

Keep your landing page simple and clean with limited text and curated images for maximum impact.

🎯 Test, don’t speculate — 

Testing is essential to ensuring your landing page captures leads.

Designing a wonderful landing page is not enough to give you successful lead, you need to make it lively, and then record the results.

Evaluate what it’s not working, make necessary changes. Also observe competitor’s landing page related to your industry and improve on your landing page.

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