Criteria for designing E-commerce websites

Electronic commerce (e-commerce for short) refers to the use of electronic devices in the buying or selling of products or online services over the Internet.

E-commerce has grown to become popular way in carrying out business transactions almost replacing physical marketplace.

Online trade activities have also increased tremendously since the global lock-down caused by the pandemic, Corona-virus.

Building an e-commerce storefront can be as simple or complex depending on the functionality.

Whether simple and complex, certain criteria must be kept in mind in designing E-commerce websites.

This article indicate the criteria for designing E-commerce websites.

Below are five (5) criteria in designing e-commerce websites.

Optimised E-commerce   

It is comely to begin the criteria with cool user interface (ui for short), functional carts, payment gateways and so on.

As vital as the above components are to ecommerce; it will make no sense for any user (or online visitor) to wait so long for a payment form web page to come on so he or she can initiate the transaction.

These users will eventually leave or  have a change of mind to purchase thereby creating a low or zero conversion rate. This is bad for business.

Hence the need to develop your ecommerce for optimization. Optimized ecommerce website are fast on page loads.

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Ecommerce website contains hugh files which would normally make the website load slowly.

The most recent way to optimise ecommerce website is to choose minimalist design approach.

This simply means utilizing frameworks that light-weight to develop ecommerce website.

Frameworks such as shopify, presta-shop, Woocommerce etc. can be used to create intuitive, optimized and functional ecommerce website.

Optimisation also include thinking mobile first for your ecommerce website to increase traffic and promote the overall user experience.

Simple navigation

Once your ecommerce website is fast, ligh-weight and accessible.

It is time you should consider how users will navigate the website. A good rule of thumb is to keep a simple and functional website this make it easy for users not to lost thier way while browsing your ecommerce website.

Remove unnecessary and irrelevant hyperlinks (links for short) on the menu, sub-menu and sidebars of the ecommerce website.

Complex navigation discourages conversions.  Make your menus and navigation options simple and intuitive.

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Secured E-commerce

An optimised ecommerce website with easy navigation is quite appealing but won’t make the sale if the ecommerce website is not secured.

A secured ecommerce website build trust among online shoppers.

It makes even more crucial since you’re asking people to give you their personal information such as credit or debit card details, it is comely to protect their data and your business.

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Another way of adding security to an E-commerce websites is to provide various trusted online payment gateways for online shoppers to make purchase. This approach enhances credibility in the payment process.

Multi-Language Ecommerce

Except you are developing your business ecommerce website for a particular language of a country.

For example, Alibaba is an ecommerce website designed for Chinese speaking nation.

On the other hand, it is vital your ecommerce website has multilingual support to break the language barriers across global online shoppers so they can read about the products or service and make the purchase.

Live Chatbots

Chatbots are applications that facilitate the conversation between an online agent from the website and an online visitor.

Live Chatbots provide assistance on a web page. Some chatbots are upgraded to even issue billing tickets, request mails when an agent is offline, generate questions and reply based on users feedback and many more. 

Integrating a live chat in your ecommerce website is essential not only for providing assistance but also for increased conversion

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